Beautiful things grow on trees...

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Crafted from Wood

Beautiful things grow on trees...

Crafted from Wood supply traditional and unusual wooden toys, gifts and many other wooden products. The vast majority of our products are hand made and hand assembled using fully environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced woods. Made by traditional craftspeople who know their craft well. All products use eco friendly packaging materials wherever possible. All colours and finishes used are non-toxic and fully conform to all CE regulations.

Our toys are primarily made from wood. Our target market are parents and grand parents who loved wooden toys as a child and who believe that childrens toys should be realistic, wholesome and great fun to play with. There is enough plastic used in the world already! Plastic is made from oil, a non-renewable resource which will eventually run out. It is often difficult to recycle, whereas wood is beautiful and grows on trees! Wooden toys are carbon neutral and ecologically sound, while being safe and warm to the touch. We will never run out of wood. Buying wooden products supports craftspeople not massive production lines in far off places.

Here are 5 valid points about wood, forestry and the environment.

1. Wood is a very sustainable material because trees are continually being planted, as a crop, in forests all over the world. This means that we will never run out, and there will always be enough to serve both us and future generations.

2. Wood is a carbon neutral product because as it grows and lives it USES carbon dioxide. When made into saleable products, the carbon dioxide is never released, therefore wood can be even better better than carbon neutral. 

3. Trees release the oxygen we need to breathe, and help to keep the atmosphere clean.

4. On average European forests are growing annually by about 600,000 hectares a year, meaning there are more trees to clean the air and more habitats for wildlife.

5. Only 65% of the annually growth of forests is harvested every year, so the growth of forests continue. Two trees are planted for every one that is felled, making wood a very sustainable crop.

So choosing wood can reduce climate change through:
Substitution – by substituting wood for plastics, we will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and protect finite resources. Plastics are made from oil which is NOT renewable.

Regeneration of forests – using wood to make products encourages the replanting of trees, which in turn encourages wildlife and improves the atmosphere.

Beautiful things grow on trees...

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